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Rose Quartz Boutique : Sex, Spirituality and Divinity: How Do Women Orga...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Sex, Spirituality and Divinity: How Do Women Orga...: Peace and Blessings    If 2016 has a motto it should be "Let's Just Jump Right In the Deep End!"  At least that i...

Sex and Spirituality: How Do Women Orgasm From Visual Stimuli or Sound ?

Peace and Blessings  

 If 2016 has a motto it should be "Let's Just Jump Right In the Deep End!"

 At least that is my motto  here at Rose Quartz Boutique. Let's be honest, we have been a polite, repressed society for a while now, especially when it comes to talking openly with each other about human sexuality.  Sexuality is a key part of spirituality.We are not different than any other form of Stardust ( minerals) and or vibrations ( molecules) of the Universe. Yet human life has slowed the speed of our energy into a density that allows for sexual pleasure between consenting partners. We can bump, grind, kiss, caress, cuddle and feel each other physically. 

The Gates of Heaven  opened and Some how We All fell into Place

 Born thru our mothers womb and of our fathers seed we have nothing to be ashamed of. Shame is taught thru religion and families and is the leading cause of adult perversion. But I really do not want to dirty this blog up by going into the issues of adult perverts and why they act out sexually towards the wrong people or why they associate sex with power, pain, humiliation, secretiveness and control.

Just please keep in mind, my topic is for adults interested in healthy sexuality with other adults. Period! Sex ( making love) is about becoming one with another and transmuting our separateness, all the while experiencing the sensations of our bodies touching.  It is a naturally explosive phenomenon  that is taken a bit too casually in a society that misunderstands the spiritual nature of sex. Instead we have come to see sex as recreation, in which any "body" is replaceable by another body. 

The first step in knowing sex as Divine is to know your self. No one can teach you who you are, but it is good to talk and learn from others about who they are. The real work of self-knowledge is going to be your own work of art or it will simply be a projection of some one else's belief system. Our society offers many feel good solutions to help you duck, dodge and subdue your true inter-personal journey. 

Many  people will gladly hand over the cash to have their mind "changed" so to speak. But drugs and professionally provided diversions have a shelf life and price. No matter what..your demons and issue will continue to "raise hell" when ever your clarity resurfaces. Sooner or latter you will tire of paying for the snake oil. You will actually be exited to love and accept your self and every hellish bit of your life experience. It is called transcendence. Or as they used to say "You have to go thru it to get to it".  The spiritual path is one of you and the Divine within you. Once awoken you will connect easily to the divine in others, even people who have not found their own at least will bare witness to it for them.

 The Journey Into Self Knowledge involves forgiveness and learning how to carefully work thru emotions such as shame, betrayal and rejection and find the gem within each situation.
Once this process is complete or even when you are midway thru your courageous effort, you will discover more and more about the spiritual truth of sexuality. 

The brain is the biggest and best sex organ. The mind is said to be separate from the brain and to house the divine. 
While no one can prove this or clarify exactly where the mind is...we do know this: that women can orgasm from visual stimulation and sound. Certain combinations of tone ( i.e. sound in the form of music) can create deep orgasmic pleasure wave after wave!  A woman who feels strong enough to access her deep emotional  "basement" can experience a touch less orgasm simply by  giving in to her ability to feel deeply. Going deep enough allows her to arrive at the other side of emotional pain and into deep ecstasy.

 For years it was believed via the oppressive Western cultures that women could not or should not freely experience orgasm. Women were mentally repressed and that leads to the physical repression of pleasure. A nervous system that is under duress can not  send the proper signals from the body to the brain. To make matters worse being told that pleasure is wrong or having experienced sexual abuse only causes more mixed signals and bad wiring. Keep in "mind" that the nervous system branches from the spine upwards from the sacrum to cranium. 

The more you know about Kundalini Energy the more this will be clear to you: Pleasure is mental and physical. To put it simply..sexuality and spirituality are dualities. Together sexuality and spirituality easily merge the mental with the physical.  As we  know from alternative medicine, it is true that our thoughts affect the body when it comes to health and healing. 

How do you think a woman can orgasm from listening to certain music ?  Music is sound. Sound is tone. Tones are vibrations. Vibrations are energy. Emotions are energy. We are energy. Similarly the right visual stimuli can effect a woman's body beyond her control. Generally for a woman this will not be from looking at a picture but  the affect of observing a real man doing real things. But the key for her pleasure will be her open mind and ability to tap into the depth of her response.

  Remember that many ( the majority) of women are not at one with themselves (body , mind and spirit). It is not always the well studied woman who is...sometimes what it is most important is that the woman is a free spirit who allows all her emotions  to have a home within her soul . Pleasure and pain are divided by a thin line. A woman who owns the discomfort of her emotional pain can tap into the deepest pleasure. Some of you may have experienced a woman suddenly crying emotional tears during intense sex, then burst into laughter. What about tears of joy ?  I just want to remind you that when we arrive at our deepest level no emotion is bad. The essence of pleasure is feeling.

When (or if)  a woman discovers for herself that sound or visual stimuli can cause her to orgasm, these occurrences it will  be rare and spontaneous. This is  not something she can force or plan. 

Side note: Adding a loving man and his energy to the mix of her potency
WILL create a long lasting elixer of love to sustain both of them

Thanks For Joining Me as we
Explored this Amazing topic of female sexuality.
-Rose Quartz Counseling and Consulting