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Rose Quartz Boutique : Sex Aint Better Than Love: A Blog Devoted to Deepl...: Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz Have You Been Craving Deepness?  Let's Explore Love Together   Who remembers ...

Sex Aint Better Than Love: A Blog Devoted to Deeply Exploring Love

Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz
Have You Been Craving Deepness?
 Let's Explore Love Together 

 Who remembers those candy and cookie filled parties in elementary school when you had to pass out and receive adorable little Valentines Day cards from everybody in your class ? Let's be serious, those may have been the best V-day memories for some of us.

As we grow older our expectations around Valentines Day may have changed. There are no classroom rules or teachers to make sure everyone gets the same amount of goodies. The holiday can become either a burden or blessing depending on ones relationship status and whether one is in a romantic relationship or just a situation-ship that is struggling to stay afloat.

I do not fully celebrate Valentines day due to cultural reasons yet I can't help but smile when I see the happiness shared by couples who do. I wouldn't mind spending a day devoted to romance, roses, candles and chocolates. Actually I'm willing to do that just about any day out of the week. As a matter of fact I do tend to celebrate love on a daily basis. Love is a motivation to me even if I'm not always sure how to comprehend romantic love.  It seems to mean something different to everyone. For some love is possession and power. For others it is peace and pleasure or.. all of the above. What does love mean to you?  For me love is joy, safety, comfort, and security.

 Maybe love is whatever a person needs the most, to fill in the cracks and crevices, but at the center of love is acceptance and growth. This means I can love alot of people and receive alot of love from people as well as giving and receiving love from nature (God) and the universe (God) and myself (God).  Therefore even if I am single I am still part of an abundant cycle of endless love.

But what about falling IN LOVE? 
What about being one half of a "couple"?  That unique love between two people that involves physical attraction, sex, commitment, dedication, sacrifice, soul bearing nakedness, desire and forgiveness. Some say there is fine line between love and hate. Perhaps because when we are in love we put our hearts on the line, knowing good and well the results could be heart breaking and shatter our ability to trust in the future.

Why does love end..? 
In my experience too many unacceptable offenses against a persons heart will eventually block the flow of love. At the bottom of the well  of love is freedom. When everything else is gone the final gift of love is giving someone the freedom to leave.

 When that well of love is full it is because both partners continually pour into it  all their dreams, fears, hopes and passions, as well as their erotic and sexual expressions.  When two people fall in love they create for themselves a special place to dwell. They create out of love..their own little world  from which their light of love glows bravely out into the greater world.

When we are together it's like no ones here but us

Protect Me, I will protect you

In a political and cultural sense we need love. We need couples, we need families. We need men who are not afraid to announce their love to the world and women who are not afraid to receive this love with enthusiasm. If you are in love I hope you LOVE IT and are not ashamed to IN JOY it. To experience and embody  love is an act of courage, especially if your community is under attack. Finding someone to love is a beautiful counter attack against the ills of this world. To hide love is like taking the color and scent from a flower. Love empowers all. When love is fully realized it demands to be recognized.

No matter what we endure under it's spell, love transforms us. God (or the creator) or whatever you call the universal force that makes this life  possible.. God is LOVE. It is a beautiful thing when we find another human be-ing to walk with us in a Godly image of love and forgiveness. Unlike friends and associates who shine with us for a while, a true love is determined to add their light to yours for ever.

Creating a calm and sensuous vibration as a couple is extremely powerful in strengthening your world. Even the kids in your community will benefit from the energetic influence/balance of peaceful couples walking hand in hand.

Ma'at is Balance. Two people who are equally in love can personify the universal laws of Ma'at if they choose to. 

There is so much more to say, but  for today I will end  by suggesting: when it comes to love let's go ahead and celebrate it. Every relationship you have gives you a chance to experience just how deeply YOU can give and receive love. Manipulation, secrets and lies push love to go look for a new home. That is the nature of love. The never ending story. The smile in your lovers eyes. The way we come alive when we are in love. The way we die when it's over. And how love rises again. Love never stops seeking acceptance IN US . We are the never ending story. IN LOVE

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"Be a Vessel For Love"

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