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Rose Quartz Boutique : Fuck Poetry and Other Sidenotes on Seduction and L...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Fuck Poetry and Other Sidenotes on Seduction and L...: Thanks For Joining Me With A Relationship Topic: Poetry, Seduction and Real Life In My New Creative Work and Dance Space  &qu...

Sidenotes on Seduction and Lasting Love

Thanks For Joining Me With A Relationship Topic:
Poetry, Seduction in Real Life

In My New Creative Work and Dance Space
 " Making Space In My Life For Me"

Fuck poetry. Yes, I said it "fuck poetry" and that's coming from me, a published poet with a new collection on the way, and an avid lover and reader of poetry. However when it comes to love and seduction beware the wordsmith, the poet, the pimp with a gold laced mouth. They all possess the gift of gab,( written or verbal) they know how to stroke you, and tap into your love reservoir without ever touching your flesh. It is very easy for these types, and I include quickly read a situation or person and before we know it poems are coming out our mouth. Not just poems but, custom crafted verses to enrapture the object of our immediate concern. Often we will camouflage the poem in regular conversation. Unfortunately it can be a habitual form of manipulation..I only say so because such types of men and women do know what they are doing and it really is not fair. Also poets tend to love poetry so we are just as often the victim of verbal seductions that attack the weak spot in our brains and result in temporary  blindness as to the real nature who is really standing before us.

If a poet looks in your eyes saying lovely things you may want to take a step a back and tell him you rather he do a dance for you.  Similarly if a dancer does a dance for you..keep in mind that it is very easy for him to dance and even a fun for him to whip out a spicy two step, twirl and twist JUST FOR YOU. On the other hand if a dyslexic guy with two left feet and stump leg bust out a move JUST FOR YOU..well now that would be special. Anything challenging is an effort that comes from the heart. Reward those awkward efforts, now it's your turn to step outside of your comfort zone. To show true interest skip doing what you have always done. Every smooth operator is hiding a shy side. Using poetry to seduce is often the work of the ego and not the heart. I know it sounds harsh but unless that poem cuts right to the chase of loving and honoring only you..
Don't let words cause you to loose your breath. Unless you just want to..which can be fun too!

If poems make your heart flutter, as they do mine, grab a book of poetry but be weary of the clown who sounds so beautifully serious with his unique metaphors ( he's a metaphor whore). If he has not yet made it to your bedroom, but is trying to get there, enjoy his sensuously spun observations of your  impact on his "soul of shimmering stardust drifting thru the universe"  But..Beware!

As a poet I have to check myself too. It is hard to admit but the skills I have developed since childhood can pop up in my personal life and  manifest as manipulation even when my intents are pure. However all is fair in love and war because without a doubt any man can study my facebook page to construct a specialized approach and vocabulary to seduce me. This is the reality of modern life, love, seduction and just having fun seeing if we can attract a particular person. On a more serious note:  Keep in mind there is a  vast  difference between wanting someone and wanting a relationship with that someone. Women often overlook this truth and fail to ask the right questions. Caught up in a spell of romantic poetry it is easy to want to skip the statistics class.

Wanting to have sex is not the same as, wanting to have sex with a certain person ..and wanting to have sex with a certain person, still has nothing to do with whether a person wants a relationship with anyone.

 Sometimes it is the quiet one who stutters, that utters the truth more than the charismatic love doctor who promises to massage your soul with the balm of their heavenly lust..or whatever. Poets can be totally sincere and in love..I am just saying when any person with a skill, talent or hobby... wants to impress someone, it is more meaningful for them to do something new that they haven't been doing for years. A collage or scrapbook of relationship goals might impress me, who knows? 

 The magic of love involves sharing our skills and talents along with the areas that we are not super good at . Sometimes just be.. naked and crumbling . If you seek a relationship you may at times have to say fuck poetry..and keep your heart open to a person who desires a relationship. Even if they cannot freestyle all the unique ways that you make love to their mind and connect with their soul.
When it comes to love seek the fact based and well researched words of a sincere suitor who can look you in the eyes and say he/she is ready for a relationship with you.

 In Courage Words For Anyone Who Needs Them:
 Keep An Open Heart and Live Your Life. Dis-comfort is an Indication that Everything Is In It's Right Place for you to make a change. Often all we need to change
 is to focus a little more on being our own unique selves.
 Actually Everything IS In Divine Order, You are Now Feeling The Truth so You can Move..forward.

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Emily Imani Rose Quartz

Write Love Poems, Dance, Be Awkward, Laugh at Your own Jokes
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Rose Quartz Boutique : Light at The End of The Tunnel w/ Nature Pics by E...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Light at The End of The Tunnel w/ Nature Pics by E...: A Short Blog For Anyone and Everyone I'm sharing a few pictures of our blue skies and clouds. When I was a kid  I thought heave...

Light at The End of The Tunnel w/ Nature Pics by Emily Imani

A Short Blog For Anyone and Everyone

I'm sharing a few pictures of our blue skies and clouds. When I was a kid  I thought heaven must look like the below picture. I also want to contrast the increasing presence of chemtrails. I have been inspired by a really good fellow nature photographer who lives on the East Coast, His work has taught me that nature photography is  more than a hobby as the images mean a lot to people and can document enviromental issues. What inspires you ...what keeps you calm and connected to your spirit and the earth? I am a nut (Nut=Sky) for LOVE. If anyone is going thru a tough time trust that the universe is holding you thru it. I know  you will wake up one morning and you will be ready to see what
an old friend once told me
"Thru Pain Comes Purification"
It might be a cliche to say that when one door closes another one opens..yet it is very true.
 Pick up the phone when people call to check on you and if no one is checking on you then reach out...Emotional pain can be scarring but try to see it as transforming and always trust there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Nature Selfie

Chemtrail In The Clouds

The Sun Looking Like The Continent of Africa

My Favorite

Chemtrails  Streaking the Sky

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Keep Your Head Up High
"Eyes on The Prize"

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Rose Quartz Boutique : The Ghosts Of Life: Blood, Gentrification & Playin...

Rose Quartz Boutique : The Ghosts Of Life: Blood, Gentrification & Playin...:   Positive Explorations from Emily Imani Rose Quartz on Gentrification, Chess and Playing The Game of Life Yesterday I wen...

The Ghosts Of Life: Blood, Gentrification & Playin Chess in The Park By Emily Imani at Othello Park

 Positive Explorations from Emily Imani Rose Quartz
on Gentrification, Chess and Playing The Game of Life

Yesterday I went to Othello Park, where I used to take my kids and dogs and all my godchildren in the Southend when they were little. Even though I was alone yesterday and all the kids are big and the dogs of those days have since been put to sleep, I found myself drawn over to the steep steps and slide that grooves down a grassy slope. The kids LOVED that slide. As for now, It was a really pretty day.
I grew up in the Central District aka the C.D. which was gentrified a long time ago. The South End is next on my cities list to "pale face a hood" and wipe out the vibrancy of different ethnic groups in favour of buisiness and condos for ..white people. I'm not gonna argue here with anyone about the truth of gentrification because I have sat in meetings with developers, I have spoken to landlords who have been influenced and rewarded for turning certain tenants if you want to argue as to whether gentrification has to do with race ? You can save that breath.

As I strolled around I thought of how many young people have been shot in Othello Park, the last shooting probaly less than a month ago. I guess blood  made the grass green and trees grow tall. I think of all the blunts smoked, bottles passed,  all the battles won and lost. I remember hearing from people who did grow up in the Southend..BBQs. Birthdays, Church picnics and Memorials all took place here. One friend tells the story of being a teen and having sex with a girl who was on her period one late night at Othello Park .
 "I did'nt know till I got home that she was on her period and saw blood all over my pants."  Nasty.. right !  But we can all look back and admit those are the rituals of life so dont act like you any better. Blood. Othello Park is quiet but I recall the days when the basketball courts were full.

A handfull of old school bros seated at a wooden picnic table call me over. They are playing chess. I must be getting older because on closer inspection despite missing teeth and pockmarked skin, these old schools are not really so old. Maybe just forties, but one too many forties back in the day has played a game with time and they seem, at least from a distance to be in their sixties. Joining them I sense prison time in their erect posture and the way they don't smile but there is a perceptable inner change in the energy as I , a woman, accept the invitation to join into their cirlce. For some reason I feel at home. For once just being me in my flesh and blood is enough.

One man wants to teach me chess, "It's a mathematical game, it's logic, like 8x8 equal 64."
 He explains something about the knight moving in an L- shape  as he points at the board. I'm bad at math, I can barely confirm that 8x8 equal 64 but the equation does sound familiar. I don't want to learn chess but I sit down and build for a minute cause  for a  long time I been getting  knowledge from the least likely characters who appear to have less than me. Looks will fool you, cause from the wise dome comes priceless jewels.
 "Its a gentlemans game" One of the men explains. Ahh I say so if you are losing no one is gonna get mad and flip the board or the table..?  I ask . I am thinking of a particular ex-boyfriend I knew  who did such things playing cards and dominoes.

"No people who play chess are more thoughtful,  but sometimes yeah, some people get mad if they think your cheating" say the oldest gentleman.
"People can cheat in chess?" I ask
"Well sometimes a person will get up and go to the bathroom or turn around and think someone moved the pieces, so it's more like someone getting mad cause they losing and then they think you are cheating"

 The other guy explains while shaking his head "See if your playing a better oponent your not spose to get mad cause he winning! You spose to sit back and learn something, but some cats get upset..."

This really stuck with me. I see and hear it ALL THE TIME. People hatin on others, swearing the other is cheating ( or doing something wrong) just because they are doing well or striving for success. Just cause someone is making moves does not mean they have done a single thing to mess you up. I leave my new associates, thinking how, as a people when we see someone with some talent, or success or trying really hard..we owe it to ourselves to play fair and support those or at least try to learn something instead of bad talking that individual. If someone really does rob, steal or betray you you will definatley know. But more often than not we exhibit a nasty bitterness towards others who are "just doin they own thang" and winning.

I promise to come back to Othello Park soon. It's a place I can learn a  little bit more about the game of chess and the game of life. Thoughts of gentrification settle into the equation. Gentrification involves hidden agendas, forced higher rents, denied bank loans and corporarate sabotage which eventually push people out. It's a game that is not played fair. In the mean time let's get out and occupy our parks in the hoods that we will live in.

There has never been better time to keep the blood  flowing.

Trees of Life, Strong Roots

Peace and Blessing From Emily Imani Rose Quartz
"Tears of Life"
"I'm just passing thru in love with you, and the way it was "

"Looking For The Future, Let's Stay Focused and Strong"