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Rose Quartz Boutique : Twin Flames Vs. Soulmates The Real Shake Down By E...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Twin Flames Vs. Soulmates The Real Shake Down By E...: Hi Its been a while thanks for joining me on this magic journey of mysterious soul love and the passions of  down to earth ...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Twin Flames Vs. Soulmates The Real Shake Down By E...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Twin Flames Vs. Soulmates The Real Shake Down By E...: Hi Its been a while thanks for joining me on this magic journey of mysterious soul love and the passions of  down to earth ...

Twin Flames Vs. Soulmates The Real Shake Down By Emily Imani RoseQuartz

Hi Its been a while thanks for joining me on this magic journey
of mysterious soul love and the passions of  down to earth relationships
- Rose Quartz

While Soulmates often recognize each other from a past life, Twinflames live many lifetimes without ever meeting. Kindred Spirits are people whom we find easy companionship with in our life based on our  current interests and needs and make great mates.
Now let's go way deeper down the rabbit hole....

Twinflame-A twinflame is just One. Meaning you only have one twin flame no matter how many times you are reincarnated. Unfortunately it's unlikely you will happen to be born at the same time as your twinflame during the many lifetimes you may live. The average age difference between twin flames (should they both be living at the same time) is forty years. Twinflames are literally two people whose soul originated at one time eons ago. Thru out time these twins may or may not be alive at the same time, therefore it is said that when twinflames find each other and are no more than 20 years apart in age it is blessing!  They may actually be able to have a relationship together.
Of course twinflames must both be adults in earth life years in order to have any kind of romantic relationship.

"Most Twin Flame couples note a 10 to 40 year age difference, however this is not set in stone. The bigger the gap, the less chances for the pair to come together in the physical. It is said that Twin Flames are one soul that originally split millions of years ago. The reincarnation cycles help the souls evolve." - Article Excerpt

Twinflames- The more healed each of the twins becomes, the more likely it is that  they will finally be ready, after hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, to meet. The lifetime in which they meet is said to be one of their last as they have both chosen the pathway of ascension and enlightenment.The trademark of twinflames is that they cannot come together unless both are doing the work of self healing. Most people  will not be ready to unite with their reflection during the current lifetime.

 If one is struggling with self love  they would do best to be with a partner that can help them unlock self love in this lifetime. Twinflames do not come together to teach each other about self love. They must already be there, and well on the pathway before they can meet.

Twiinflames can ONLY come together to fulfill a destiny to teach the world about unconditional love. Twinflames can be distinguished by their desire to heal themselves and others. This internal mission is something both have naturally embraced prior to meeting each other. They find each other on the pathway if they ever meet.  It is not always an easy pathway nor an easy life. Each twinflame will be straddled with a purpose beyond a great job and raising a happy family. They may appear to have short attention spans or seem flakey, even standoffish to others. Yet two twins will  notice many interesting  things about the other, that slowly draw them closer to each other and "their selves".

This is why I say do not desire to be on the twinflame pathway. Either you are or you are not. I personally think you are blessed if you are not, as it can create restlessness and confusion if not nurtured with every daily choice to clear and cleanse the inner self and energetic bodies.

Twinflames will have a hard time settling down to the normal celebrated joys of life, such as a good paying job and an active sex life. Many earthly milestones will  not bring happiness to  individual twinflames who feel consumed with a need to fufill a  universal purpose.  Ideally they will come to the  place in their souls journey where they can unite with their twin. This means the masculine and femiNine energy are completely accepted and ready to come together to become one. This equates unconditional love for self and each other, and balance.

 The universe separates twinflames as part of its mission to to teach us about unconditional love, as twinflames can only come together via unconditional love. This is an important time in earth history. It is said for the first time ever many twinflames are alive at the same time and are healed enough to finally meet once again. Twinflames ignite in each other a strong desire to heal their selves as part of their preparation to unify. Many of those of the healing pathway , ascension pathway and enlightenment pathway are also getting closer to their twinflame.

 Twinflames will find an otherworldly quality to their relationship should they actually meet at a time they can get involved in a romantic affair. Twinflames are said to often look alike, and have a series of almost bizarre similarities and interests and talents, despite, often having age, race and ethnic differences. Because they are literally the same soul in two different physical bodies, as one heals thyself, their twin is also healed. One of the most interesting twinflame stories is that of the late Micheal Jackson and Susan Elsa. I also believe that poet Emily Dickinson and Author Nathanial Hawthorne were twinflames.  The reclusive Emily Dickinson who was much younger than Hawthorne and a continent away yet expressed a desire to meet him. However she never left her monk like lifestyle of confinement and he eventually married.  They both left this life leaving behind a strikingly  similar body of written work and ideologies.

Where writers Nathanial Hawthorne and Emily Dickinson Twinflames who never met ?
The late Micheal Jacksons Supposed TwinFlame Susan Elsa 

With Twinflames it is usually  the feminine partner who knows right away that they are twinflames and the masculine energy that is not sure what is going on, yet he will definitely notice he is experiencing something he has never experienced before..the question is are both of them ready to meet their reflection in the mirror of life? For sure the image may be hard to see. In the case of soulmates it often the the man or both partners who recognize immediately that they are soulmates and both will quickly fall into happiness just as when finding a long lost friend.

 Twinflames often exp. separation as part of their journey. Sex between twinflames is said to be the total unification of  masculine and femiNine energies. A delightful, intense re-merging of self, as the soul is now complete in the physical realm. Twinflames are literally one soul. In the spiritual realm they are always together as one. 

 However for twinflames to merge in the physical world, both halves must be whole within themselves. They must each have gone thru the the process of healing in order to unify with their masculine or femeNine  energies. For many lifetimes the twins will never meet or just barely cross paths. It is only thru enduring multiple lives, each with various life lessons which must result in the evolution of the soul (trust in unconditional love) that unification can finally happen. This is why there is so much excitement around the twinflame reunion. Both twins will have a  sense of  "finally meeting".

 Because the flames are identical they will both bring the same issues to the table which may lead to a stop and start sort of love. For example if both twins are introverts it may take longer for them to connect, just as it is true if both are extroverted flirts who love to party, the vary characteristics that make them identical        ( whether  shyness, insecurity, promiscuity etc) will be the exact characteristics that may cause them to never unite peacefully.

SoulMates - While we each have one twinflame who we may never meet, we all have more than one  soulmate.  A soul mate is generally born around the time or years of your birth. A soulmate is someone whose soul is uniquely compatible with your soul. You will recognize a familiar feeling when you meet a soulmate. Soulmate love has a mystic and otherworldly elegance to it. Our Soulmates find us and are here to support us thru certain phases on our journey. Once the lesson is complete that particular soulmate may move on, yet we continue to remember them with nothing but love and know in some form we will meet again. If you have an Ex whom you only recall fondly perhaps they were a soulmate ?

 Soulmates provide a sense of comfort to each other. A "knowing"- and a "recognition" that is hard to put into words. Romance with a Soulmate can be long lasting and ideal for marriage. However everyone will not find romance with a Soulmate as each soul is here to learn different lessons. You may meet a soulmate and sense a strong bond. You might fully explore this bond in a great relationship or you may end up enjoying the soul vibe from a distance especially if one of you is already in another relationship.

 When Soulmates connect in romance it is an ideal situation. They will enjoy the warm sense of comfort that comes from feeling strong companionship and respect. Sex with a Soulmate will be special and often involves new positions. But perhaps it is  conversation or other activities that alert you to the feeling you have found  a Soulmate . During an average lifetime you will may meet Soulmates, both  male and female. Ideally they will be at point in their journey that you can have a friendship or relationship that allows for you to be understood and loved for more than your looks and other superficial qualities.

   Soulmates have an ability  honor each other beyond the boundaries of their current life. For sure you and your soulmates have met before .  A trademark of soul mates is that in a recent past life you had an important & serious relationship with them ( not necessarily romantic). You will likely fall into an easy companionship and may even share past life memories, visions and dreams. Soulmates may surprise you with a similar name, Birth date, astrological sign or other interesting coincidences. Soulmates may have totally different personalities and interests, yet still click.

Kindred Spirits-
Most often we will date,  fall in love and marry  a kindred spirits. These are people  who we are attracted to at different times in our lives based on our growth and current desires. You will have plenty in common with your Kindred Spirits, but may outgrow them even as you get to know them. They are attractive and fun and make us feel better about ourselves. They may want us in a way that makes us feel good. Or we may want them and see them as a prize and really enjoy it when they choose us. Kindred Spirits  can also manifest as the misery that loves our company because we are miserable too. We bond with our kindred spirits over certain developmental characteristics, situations and life lessons.
Most of the successful and loving marriages we see take place between Kindred Spirits. They  represent  the special   unions of people who fell in love and decide to make it last. If both have the same goals they make the perfect team.

Soulmates immediately feel a deep bond with each other because they have already lived many lives connected in some form of relationship be it family, romantic, friendship or teacher/student.
Twinflames on the other hand will experience something very different- a reflection of themselves in the other, after great deal of Ascension has occurred. Kindred Spirits are those like-minded people who we as humans living a physical life, can easily join with in relationships generally based on what is happening in our current life.  Kindred Spirits  are often what society agrees on as far as what a normal couple should look and be like.

What Is Best For You
Kindred Spirits:  If you are someone who is always "growing" and changing , you may find that  your relationships with kindred spirits doe not hold your interest because your interests are always changing or becoming deeper. Every time you go down the rabbit hole your partner stays above ground. This works great for some couples while others need more companionship and consistency. Kindred Spirits make the perfect couple for those rooted in mastering physical life who are creatures of habits, steady and consistent. This couple is capable of  enjoying life and maintaining a  schedule that benefits them. They will be able to dance thru work , hobbies and vacations together without disturbance.
SoulMates: Make perfect couples for those willing to deal with the depth involved. Many soulmates come together  with past life issues still needing to be worked out with each other. These past life issues may add to the pressre of this already intense attraction. However when Soulmates do meet in romance it is usually a beautiful calm situation in which the bond feels timeless and so, so good. Some Soulmate couples may notice that the "old" feelings of jealousy or fear of betrayal keep coming up.
TwinFlames: Unlike Soulmates, Twinflames always and only manifest in pairs of :  One Male Gender            ( Masculine Energy) and One Female Gender ( FemeNine Energy). Twinflames will love each other intensely but only as much they honestly deeply  love themselves. They must constantly work on healing themselves and walking the pathway of enlightenment as these are the roads to unconditional love. Otherwise can you imagine what it would be like to live with yourself and all your most difficult traits mutliplied by two ?  The twinflame role is one of transmuting couple-hood into union or oneness.  They also become portals that connect the physical realm with the spiritual realm in this universally healing love. But if the timing is wrong they are better off seeking a sparkling Kindred Spirit or a Patient Soulmate.

 So there is no right or wrong after all ! Experience all, forgive all, and most important  forgive yourself !

Peace I hope you loved this informative journey thru love relationships that pushed us to take a serious look the reality of the Soul and Spiritual Realms! How do you feel when you look in your beloveds eyes..  Whether you see a best friend, or someone you have a mystic connection with, is up to you and whatever you are going thru. Both sights are beautiful! I think the biggest gift is to see a reflection  of our own love whenever we look at the important people in our lives.
Dear UniVerse: Let us know that our love has given a sense of safety and self acceptance to those we care for. Let their love shine back at  us
 Bright and Warm as the Rays of The Sun,
 Strong as The Thorn
That Protects The Rose
Emily Imani Rose Quartz, Playing in the Backyard