Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rose Quartz Boutique : Saying Goodbye to Salt and Seasoning Salt: Three C...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Saying Goodbye to Salt and Seasoning Salt: Three C...: Three Cheers For Healthy Changes, Pass The Bubbly! Seasoning salt and salt are known to enhance flavor. But the truth is they cover...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Saying Goodbye to Salt and Seasoning Salt: Three C...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Saying Goodbye to Salt and Seasoning Salt: Three C...: Three Cheers For Healthy Changes, Pass The Bubbly! Seasoning salt and salt are known to enhance flavor. But the truth is they cover...

Saying Goodbye to Salt and Seasoning Salt: Three Cheers For Healthy Changes

Three Cheers For Healthy Changes, Pass The Bubbly!

Seasoning salt and salt are known to enhance flavor. But the truth is they cover and disguise the taste of meats and other foods that have a poor flavor. Just last month I ran out of my Johnny's Season salt. I have been a heavy Johnny's girl for at least a decade. Whether cooking Senegalese yassa or smoked ribs Johnny's has been my right hand man. It has MSG and mostly salt with other seasonings and preservatives. It's additives are addictive. Or so it seems because seasoning salt is something that you get used to putting on  meat and other over cooked bland items to make them tasty. I put it on vegetables, in pots of greens, and on red, white and black beans, gumbo, soup, spaghetti and allover foods I cooked for other people such as eggs and beef burgers. Johnny's is made in the Northwest and has more MSG and better flavor to me than Lawry's. Sometimes I would remember my Gramma in St.Louis who only used salt & pepper  to season her fried chicken flour. I couldn't  figure out how she did it except that she used a cast iron pot and got the Crisco so hot. Well I didn't have that old type pot, I needed Johnny's..I least that how I felt all these years.

 Change is Good and Sometimes Unplanned
A few weeks ago I shook out the bottom contents of a large jar of seasoning salt....
When I was at the grocery store the next day, I decided out of nowhere not to replace it. But maybe I had been thinking about it in  my subconscious mind for a while. Over the past year  I noticed Johnny's was sold in extra large containers in the Black stores in the Black neighborhoods, I had been noticing the labeling was starting to look cheap and overly mass produced. The product I loved so much seemed more like malt liquor, Newport's and other items that are dominant in certain stores. Unhealthy. A bad choice. I struggled without coffee on some mornings when I had ran out .But I would always replace my seasoning salt if I even got close to running out, How had it become so important to me and my cooking? Maybe, just maybe it was just a bad habit. 

Well it has been three weeks and I have cooked curry, stew, breakfasts, lunch and dinners with no Seasoning salt, no salt and no added MSG. When I used a broth it was the low sodium broth .

Here is what I am using instead, on my food or on the side for flavor enhancement. I am much happier and healthier already. Let's just say I decided to stop sprinkling death on my food. Food actually tastes so much better. And if it doesn't taste good then I take that as a hint I should not be eating it. Salt adds a punch to food but also takes away the taste. Salt less cooking is enhanced by slow cooking, allowing flavors to mellow and become savory. And of course fresh vegetables and salads are generally enjoyed without adding salt or seasoning salt. Salt free you will also eat less, as your body will signal you when you are full and your mouth will not be craving another bite as it does with salty, MSG spikes foods. Eat less, save money!
Brown Sugar

Dried Peppers

Sliced avacado go with every dish

Lime is Alkaline, while lemon is Acidic

More Peppers, Try a Variety and dry your own

Basil Fresh add it Raw or cook it in

Black Pepper

Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz
Happy "New Year" 
Keep it Seasoned Nice, Let thangs marinate and thank God for the subconscious mind! You do not always have to stress or plan healthy changes..just pay attention to the conversation between your mind and your body...soon you will follow your heart 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Sensual Hibernation: Writing The Next Chapter of Your Life, with Photography by Emily Imani

Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz
 Thank you for joining me in celebrating  winter with  uplifting words,
soft &warm fashion and a few nature pictures. Life is not the sort of novel that should lose your attention. So take a moment to curl up with a tea or a hot toddy, roll up or unwrap a lollipop .
   Let's Tune into the next chapter of your life... what will you write ?

 We are each the author of our stories yet only God knows where some of those  plot twists come from. Sometimes fear of the unknown can cause us to stay stuck repeating the same scene over and over again. Is it really getting more fun ?

 Make sure your story keeps you intrigued. The pen is in your hand.
 For me keeping things soft, sensual and sort of silly while being deadly serious in an ALL CAPS kind of way WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT  makes me passionate  about my life story. Yes I get bored, depressed and have whole days that I sort of "rest".  Yet those days are definitely not the overall theme. How is your life story unfolding?  This years winter wonderland could heat up with new characters, old flames and a little mystery.....

We can also choose  how we handle our winter moods. There are too many horrors of war taking place in the world.  We must express and activate our intention for a better world. Being downtrodden is the same as defeat. So let's uplift the best we can and stay true to our work while on earth. Some will not understand how you go about your mission..and who cares. God gave it to you to  "work it" for a reason and not just for a season.

 I made the choice this year to keep my summer self alive by harnessing the energy of my free spirit, which is often is shivering in the winter and nurturing her playful vibration. This includes plenty of time outdoors, eating  healthy food, mostly fruit and NOT falling into the habit of dressing in a way that depresses me. I live in one of the worlds rainiest cities so it is very easy to dress like a lumber jack or a construction worker in muddy rain gear and feel like a bag lady stomping around in mushy boots .

 What makes winter cozy for you ? For some it's family time, and crock pot meals, while for others it may be taking a class, or  having time for an indoor hobby. Maybe it's great co-workers and potlucks or relishing a bit of solitude at a rainy bus stop. A night of conversation in an almost empty bar with a relative can build family bonds that last all year. Alot of things are more cozy in the wet coldness of winter. Warmth is rare, enticing and valuable. As you watch your breath expelled into the cold morning air you will witness the magic of  being alive.

 Winter can come crashing down on some of us with the blues, snowstorms, loss of power and not enough daylight. We have to enhance our experiences by choice and effort.

 The darkest days of the year are also the shortest
 Fear not the change in moods...   Find creative ways to be your self under all those layers of clothing.  PUT YOUR FEELINGS AND DREAMS IN ALL CAPS as you write  the next chapter in your life.

Thanks for joining me on this winter journey..global warming and all. So what is with all these pictures of me in the animal print dress?

Well it's a  FLEECE LINED  leopard print dress I got in Portland last year .

 What you wear is just another way to make winter a jump out of the box time of the year. Hold your loved ones close and never fear freeing yourself...because when it's too late you will wonder why you held yourself back from the world.

Emily Imani "Secret Smile"

Winter Evening at the Park, Magic in the air

 That can happen in the winter too. Just remember if you could see the BIG picture
you would be happy to move on with grace 

Random Nature Pic, Nightime by Emily Imani

Mt.Rainier From Southcenter Mall Parking Lot

Emily Imani Rose Quartz Unzipped