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Rose Quartz Boutique : Saying Goodbye to Salt and Seasoning Salt: Three C...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Saying Goodbye to Salt and Seasoning Salt: Three C...: Three Cheers For Healthy Changes, Pass The Bubbly! Seasoning salt and salt are known to enhance flavor. But the truth is they cover...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Saying Goodbye to Salt and Seasoning Salt: Three C...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Saying Goodbye to Salt and Seasoning Salt: Three C...: Three Cheers For Healthy Changes, Pass The Bubbly! Seasoning salt and salt are known to enhance flavor. But the truth is they cover...

Saying Goodbye to Salt and Seasoning Salt: Three Cheers For Healthy Changes

Three Cheers For Healthy Changes, Pass The Bubbly!

Seasoning salt and salt are known to enhance flavor. But the truth is they cover and disguise the taste of meats and other foods that have a poor flavor. Just last month I ran out of my Johnny's Season salt. I have been a heavy Johnny's girl for at least a decade. Whether cooking Senegalese yassa or smoked ribs Johnny's has been my right hand man. It has MSG and mostly salt with other seasonings and preservatives. It's additives are addictive. Or so it seems because seasoning salt is something that you get used to putting on  meat and other over cooked bland items to make them tasty. I put it on vegetables, in pots of greens, and on red, white and black beans, gumbo, soup, spaghetti and allover foods I cooked for other people such as eggs and beef burgers. Johnny's is made in the Northwest and has more MSG and better flavor to me than Lawry's. Sometimes I would remember my Gramma in St.Louis who only used salt & pepper  to season her fried chicken flour. I couldn't  figure out how she did it except that she used a cast iron pot and got the Crisco so hot. Well I didn't have that old type pot, I needed Johnny's..I least that how I felt all these years.

 Change is Good and Sometimes Unplanned
A few weeks ago I shook out the bottom contents of a large jar of seasoning salt....
When I was at the grocery store the next day, I decided out of nowhere not to replace it. But maybe I had been thinking about it in  my subconscious mind for a while. Over the past year  I noticed Johnny's was sold in extra large containers in the Black stores in the Black neighborhoods, I had been noticing the labeling was starting to look cheap and overly mass produced. The product I loved so much seemed more like malt liquor, Newport's and other items that are dominant in certain stores. Unhealthy. A bad choice. I struggled without coffee on some mornings when I had ran out .But I would always replace my seasoning salt if I even got close to running out, How had it become so important to me and my cooking? Maybe, just maybe it was just a bad habit. 

Well it has been three weeks and I have cooked curry, stew, breakfasts, lunch and dinners with no Seasoning salt, no salt and no added MSG. When I used a broth it was the low sodium broth .

Here is what I am using instead, on my food or on the side for flavor enhancement. I am much happier and healthier already. Let's just say I decided to stop sprinkling death on my food. Food actually tastes so much better. And if it doesn't taste good then I take that as a hint I should not be eating it. Salt adds a punch to food but also takes away the taste. Salt less cooking is enhanced by slow cooking, allowing flavors to mellow and become savory. And of course fresh vegetables and salads are generally enjoyed without adding salt or seasoning salt. Salt free you will also eat less, as your body will signal you when you are full and your mouth will not be craving another bite as it does with salty, MSG spikes foods. Eat less, save money!
Brown Sugar

Dried Peppers

Sliced avacado go with every dish

Lime is Alkaline, while lemon is Acidic

More Peppers, Try a Variety and dry your own

Basil Fresh add it Raw or cook it in

Black Pepper

Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz
Happy "New Year" 
Keep it Seasoned Nice, Let thangs marinate and thank God for the subconscious mind! You do not always have to stress or plan healthy changes..just pay attention to the conversation between your mind and your body...soon you will follow your heart 

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The Sensual Hibernation: Writing The Next Chapter of Your Life, with Photography by Emily Imani

Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz
 Thank you for joining me in celebrating  winter with  uplifting words,
soft &warm fashion and a few nature pictures. Life is not the sort of novel that should lose your attention. So take a moment to curl up with a tea or a hot toddy, roll up or unwrap a lollipop .
   Let's Tune into the next chapter of your life... what will you write ?

 We are each the author of our stories yet only God knows where some of those  plot twists come from. Sometimes fear of the unknown can cause us to stay stuck repeating the same scene over and over again. Is it really getting more fun ?

 Make sure your story keeps you intrigued. The pen is in your hand.
 For me keeping things soft, sensual and sort of silly while being deadly serious in an ALL CAPS kind of way WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT  makes me passionate  about my life story. Yes I get bored, depressed and have whole days that I sort of "rest".  Yet those days are definitely not the overall theme. How is your life story unfolding?  This years winter wonderland could heat up with new characters, old flames and a little mystery.....

We can also choose  how we handle our winter moods. There are too many horrors of war taking place in the world.  We must express and activate our intention for a better world. Being downtrodden is the same as defeat. So let's uplift the best we can and stay true to our work while on earth. Some will not understand how you go about your mission..and who cares. God gave it to you to  "work it" for a reason and not just for a season.

 I made the choice this year to keep my summer self alive by harnessing the energy of my free spirit, which is often is shivering in the winter and nurturing her playful vibration. This includes plenty of time outdoors, eating  healthy food, mostly fruit and NOT falling into the habit of dressing in a way that depresses me. I live in one of the worlds rainiest cities so it is very easy to dress like a lumber jack or a construction worker in muddy rain gear and feel like a bag lady stomping around in mushy boots .

 What makes winter cozy for you ? For some it's family time, and crock pot meals, while for others it may be taking a class, or  having time for an indoor hobby. Maybe it's great co-workers and potlucks or relishing a bit of solitude at a rainy bus stop. A night of conversation in an almost empty bar with a relative can build family bonds that last all year. Alot of things are more cozy in the wet coldness of winter. Warmth is rare, enticing and valuable. As you watch your breath expelled into the cold morning air you will witness the magic of  being alive.

 Winter can come crashing down on some of us with the blues, snowstorms, loss of power and not enough daylight. We have to enhance our experiences by choice and effort.

 The darkest days of the year are also the shortest
 Fear not the change in moods...   Find creative ways to be your self under all those layers of clothing.  PUT YOUR FEELINGS AND DREAMS IN ALL CAPS as you write  the next chapter in your life.

Thanks for joining me on this winter journey..global warming and all. So what is with all these pictures of me in the animal print dress?

Well it's a  FLEECE LINED  leopard print dress I got in Portland last year .

 What you wear is just another way to make winter a jump out of the box time of the year. Hold your loved ones close and never fear freeing yourself...because when it's too late you will wonder why you held yourself back from the world.

Emily Imani "Secret Smile"

Winter Evening at the Park, Magic in the air

 That can happen in the winter too. Just remember if you could see the BIG picture
you would be happy to move on with grace 

Random Nature Pic, Nightime by Emily Imani

Mt.Rainier From Southcenter Mall Parking Lot

Emily Imani Rose Quartz Unzipped



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Rose Quartz Boutique : Help For Depression

Rose Quartz Boutique : Help For Depression: Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz Depression a tough topic but overdue.   This information is based on my work in alternative he...

Help For Depression

Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz
Depression is a tough topic but overdue.   This information is based on my work in alternative health and studies as a Mental Health Counselor. Depression can be cured during it's earliest stages and during the deepest stages. Community Mental Health Education can and will save lives.

Depression occurs in  stages and like most dis-ease it is best to catch it early on. The earliest symptoms are often the most vocalized. A person will often say they are just not feeling like themselves. It may seem as if they are complaining alot and have an issue with just about everything. They may sleep more, seem grumpy, cry at the slightest critique and withdraw. At this point you may just find them hard to be around. You may even accuse them of having "negative energy" or being a "fake friend".

What they are not telling you is that an unwelcome feeling of unhappiness is eating away at their sense of self. The feeling may be physical. Depression is often felt as sensation in the gut or a heavy heart. They may or may not have recently experienced a difficult time or loss. Depression is literally the depression or holding down of feelings and worries, coupled with painful memories/experiences that have not been faced.
Unfortunately, what we attempt to hold  down and bury within us, is still haunting our psyche and our spirit. What  has hurt us the most may  be hidden, but like a ghost it will eventually begin to bump in the night. Ignoring our pain and trauma  allows our hidden issues to take root and cause new bad feelings to grow.

It takes a big effort to avoid and remain in denial of childhood abuse, trauma and/or the loss of loved ones. As we have depressed (avoided) so much..we put ourselves at risk for depression. All pain must be faced in order to release and heal.

All pain must be faced in order to release and heal.

Anxiety often comes prior to depression and actually works like at trampoline, effectively blocking and bouncing depression up. Yet  anxiety is a cycle of worry that must be addressed to avoid eventual depression. When anxiety stops working as a natural defense, the person is no longer just "stressed" or worried, they have now sunk into a numb state where happiness cannot enter. When a depressed person does feel emotions they are feelings of sadness, alienation, anger, and a sense of no longer needing to be here.

Those without proper knowledge may assume a depressed person does not love themselves, however a depressed person may indeed love themselves. Their issue is that they no longer love life or the world in which they live.

The first stage of depression if caught  can be healed  with fresh air, sunshine, exercises, hugs and making necessary changes, such as getting out of bad relationship or quitting a dead end job. During this first stage friends and family can take charge and help get the depressed person engaged in life and feelings of love. Volunteer work, dance classes and good healthy food work wonders. Water is so important too. However it is important to check in with the depressed person on a daily basis, short conversations and gifts of healthy food, books, movies etc. can all be part of an effective turn around.

The second stage of depression is more dangerous. Professional help is advised and this can include alternative and western medicine, as well as touch therapies such as massage. Community must work together to make this happen. Make sure the depressed person understands that depression is a real dis-ease and the healing recovery process will take time. At this point the depressed person may fake interest just to get people off her back, so pay close attention and promise to be nearby.

Self medicating with alcohol will begin to accelerate the depression at this point. Marijuana may allow the depressed person to maintain a functioning depression but they will not improve and will  tend to isolate themselves (i.e. drinking or getting high alone). They may only feel comfortable in their own little world. Jobs and relationships will become a hassle they will no longer care for. This is an important time to get help just as you would seek help for someone who was having chest pain all day.

The third stage of depression can be fatal. The person now has decided that life is not worth it. On a spiritual level their soul has begun to leave their body. Their energy is extremely low, the spirit appears dead. They are simply functioning by force of habit and are looking for a way out. At this time a trip to the zoo or a formerly beloved activity will only cause further misery as they drift listlessly thru the day.  24 hour care is needed, meaning call frequently, get help and have the person accessed for suicidal risk ASAP.

If you are a friend or family member, or perhaps you are at this stage of deep depression, get on the phone and ask for help. You are not alone, you cannot bear this alone and yes you can get better. Medication may be an important option at this juncture. Talk therapy can help set goals and develop a contract for the person to not harm themselves.

 Words of In Courage Meant For Any One Fighting Depression
Work on calling the Soul, Spirit and Energy back into the body. Nurture yourself in nature. As you heal allow your self to Experience the depth of your emotional pain. Roll in it a bit! Prove that it is NOT bigger than YOU.

 What excatly is at the bottom of the well where the water is dry ? What do you see within that you have been so afraid to face? Yes it is that time to stand up to the demons and even show them whose running things! Stop running away from your imperfections and accept everything as part of your unique life journey. It is a difficult process and important to have a support system outside of your family. Each day Pray the very special Prayers of your Soul. Write your own prayers! Soon enough your reason to be here will be clear. Depression is a dark hole that goes very deep and seems too steep to climb  out off, yet it is not. Allow yourself to be held emotionally, physically and spiritually until you get your strength back.

Remember self medication with drugs alcohol makes depression worse. Instead  force yourself to get out and breathe fresh air. It's rock bottom. But love it! We have been taught to fear our own very natural emotional pain. We bury our shame only to find our shame defines us when we release it! So much has occurred to hurt each of us but it is not our fault. Tears can help wash away what must go.

Rock bottom is where CHANGE HAPPENS
Emily Imani  Yamineta

Thanks for checking Rose Quartz Out on this topic.
 Lets Tune into And Onto Each other. Let us learn how to heal ourselves and others.

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Rose Quartz Boutique : Fuck Poetry and Other Sidenotes on Seduction and L...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Fuck Poetry and Other Sidenotes on Seduction and L...: Thanks For Joining Me With A Relationship Topic: Poetry, Seduction and Real Life In My New Creative Work and Dance Space  &qu...

Sidenotes on Seduction and Lasting Love

Thanks For Joining Me With A Relationship Topic:
Poetry, Seduction in Real Life

In My New Creative Work and Dance Space
 " Making Space In My Life For Me"

Fuck poetry. Yes, I said it "fuck poetry" and that's coming from me, a published poet with a new collection on the way, and an avid lover and reader of poetry. However when it comes to love and seduction beware the wordsmith, the poet, the pimp with a gold laced mouth. They all possess the gift of gab,( written or verbal) they know how to stroke you, and tap into your love reservoir without ever touching your flesh. It is very easy for these types, and I include myself....to quickly read a situation or person and before we know it poems are coming out our mouth. Not just poems but, custom crafted verses to enrapture the object of our immediate concern. Often we will camouflage the poem in regular conversation. Unfortunately it can be a habitual form of manipulation..I only say so because such types of men and women do know what they are doing and it really is not fair. Also poets tend to love poetry so we are just as often the victim of verbal seductions that attack the weak spot in our brains and result in temporary  blindness as to the real nature who is really standing before us.

If a poet looks in your eyes saying lovely things you may want to take a step a back and tell him you rather he do a dance for you.  Similarly if a dancer does a dance for you..keep in mind that it is very easy for him to dance and even a fun for him to whip out a spicy two step, twirl and twist JUST FOR YOU. On the other hand if a dyslexic guy with two left feet and stump leg bust out a move JUST FOR YOU..well now that would be special. Anything challenging is an effort that comes from the heart. Reward those awkward efforts, now it's your turn to step outside of your comfort zone. To show true interest skip doing what you have always done. Every smooth operator is hiding a shy side. Using poetry to seduce is often the work of the ego and not the heart. I know it sounds harsh but unless that poem cuts right to the chase of loving and honoring only you..
Don't let words cause you to loose your breath. Unless you just want to..which can be fun too!

If poems make your heart flutter, as they do mine, grab a book of poetry but be weary of the clown who sounds so beautifully serious with his unique metaphors ( he's a metaphor whore). If he has not yet made it to your bedroom, but is trying to get there, enjoy his sensuously spun observations of your  impact on his "soul of shimmering stardust drifting thru the universe"  But..Beware!

As a poet I have to check myself too. It is hard to admit but the skills I have developed since childhood can pop up in my personal life and  manifest as manipulation even when my intents are pure. However all is fair in love and war because without a doubt any man can study my facebook page to construct a specialized approach and vocabulary to seduce me. This is the reality of modern life, love, seduction and just having fun seeing if we can attract a particular person. On a more serious note:  Keep in mind there is a  vast  difference between wanting someone and wanting a relationship with that someone. Women often overlook this truth and fail to ask the right questions. Caught up in a spell of romantic poetry it is easy to want to skip the statistics class.

Wanting to have sex is not the same as, wanting to have sex with a certain person ..and wanting to have sex with a certain person, still has nothing to do with whether a person wants a relationship with anyone.

 Sometimes it is the quiet one who stutters, that utters the truth more than the charismatic love doctor who promises to massage your soul with the balm of their heavenly lust..or whatever. Poets can be totally sincere and in love..I am just saying when any person with a skill, talent or hobby... wants to impress someone, it is more meaningful for them to do something new that they haven't been doing for years. A collage or scrapbook of relationship goals might impress me, who knows? 

 The magic of love involves sharing our skills and talents along with the areas that we are not super good at . Sometimes just be.. naked and crumbling . If you seek a relationship you may at times have to say fuck poetry..and keep your heart open to a person who desires a relationship. Even if they cannot freestyle all the unique ways that you make love to their mind and connect with their soul.
When it comes to love seek the fact based and well researched words of a sincere suitor who can look you in the eyes and say he/she is ready for a relationship with you.

 In Courage Words For Anyone Who Needs Them:
 Keep An Open Heart and Live Your Life. Dis-comfort is an Indication that Everything Is In It's Right Place for you to make a change. Often all we need to change
 is to focus a little more on being our own unique selves.
 Actually Everything IS In Divine Order, You are Now Feeling The Truth so You can Move..forward.

Peace From Rose Quartz Products and Services For The Awakening Body, Mind and Spirit

Emily Imani Rose Quartz

Write Love Poems, Dance, Be Awkward, Laugh at Your own Jokes
Joy is Contagious! Enjoy a Kundalini Dance favorite from Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz Boutique : Light at The End of The Tunnel w/ Nature Pics by E...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Light at The End of The Tunnel w/ Nature Pics by E...: A Short Blog For Anyone and Everyone I'm sharing a few pictures of our blue skies and clouds. When I was a kid  I thought heave...

Light at The End of The Tunnel w/ Nature Pics by Emily Imani

A Short Blog For Anyone and Everyone

I'm sharing a few pictures of our blue skies and clouds. When I was a kid  I thought heaven must look like the below picture. I also want to contrast the increasing presence of chemtrails. I have been inspired by a really good fellow nature photographer who lives on the East Coast, His work has taught me that nature photography is  more than a hobby as the images mean a lot to people and can document enviromental issues. What inspires you ...what keeps you calm and connected to your spirit and the earth? I am a nut (Nut=Sky) for LOVE. If anyone is going thru a tough time trust that the universe is holding you thru it. I know  you will wake up one morning and you will be ready to see what
an old friend once told me
"Thru Pain Comes Purification"
It might be a cliche to say that when one door closes another one opens..yet it is very true.
 Pick up the phone when people call to check on you and if no one is checking on you then reach out...Emotional pain can be scarring but try to see it as transforming and always trust there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Nature Selfie

Chemtrail In The Clouds

The Sun Looking Like The Continent of Africa

My Favorite

Chemtrails  Streaking the Sky

Thanks For Checking Out Rose Quartz
Keep Your Head Up High
"Eyes on The Prize"