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Rose Quartz Boutique : Ending Obsessive Love, Psychic Attacks and Energy ...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Ending Obsessive Love, Psychic Attacks and Energy ...: OBSESSIVE LOVE By  Emily Imani Yamenita RoseQuartz   Obsessive love is a form of psychic attack on the object your affection...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Ending Obsessive Love, Psychic Attacks and Energy ...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Ending Obsessive Love, Psychic Attacks and Energy ...: OBSESSIVE LOVE By  Emily Imani Yamenita RoseQuartz   Obsessive love is a form of psychic attack on the object your affection...

Ending Obsessive Love, Psychic Attacks and Energy Vamping

OBSESSIVE LOVE By Emily Imani Yamenita RoseQuartz 

Obsessive love is a form of psychic attack on the object your affection. You are making them responsible for fufilling your needs. You are ignoring the fact that they never said nor done anything to indicate they are in love with you yet you overide this and continue to love them with an obsession. You ignore the fact there is no consent or mutuality in this situation. You give the object of your "affection" godlike or goddess like qualities and deny them the peace of simply being human . When you love someone obsessively without mutuality you attempt to live thru them. You know that they never choose you you ignore everything real about them and continue to love obsessively. You try to get inside the person you " love" from a distance, attempting to direct their thoughts towards you, you don't respect boundaries nor are you dwelling in reality.
What happens when an obsessive love is constantly directed at "an object of affection" ? Its a form of energy vampirism and a psychic attack. Just face it if you are obsessing over a person, you want that persons energy and you don't care how they feel. It is a psychic attack that slowly affects the other persons happiness and health. Often the victim has no idea why they are feeling so poorly. This sort of energy vampire knows you are not in love with them so they will avoid any discussion or acknowledgement of your feelings. The spookiest thing about these types is that they do not care about the object of their affections feelings. Despite romantic talk, they view the person they are obsessed with as an object whose feelings are not relevant.
The call you pet names such as "love", baby, Goddess, Queen and escalate to adding a possessive pronoun so that when they text you they will address you as " My Love" as in "Good Morning My Love" or "My Queen" etc .
Why is this a red flag ? It's a red flag because you never agreed to be their love or Queen or Goddess. You have made no consensual agreement to be in a relationship with them .
They will "act" as a friend, yet may make requests for you to do little tasks, cook a certain dish or wear a certain outfit., go to an event etc. Anything so that they can experience that you are in compliance with them . They negatively affect the "energy" of  the person they are obsessed with by directing unhealthy amounts of  ( thoughts) and obsessive "love" towards them.The obsessive person is often euphoric, full of "love" because they are using the other persons energy as a drug.
Example: A guy sends a text to a woman, stating he has a picture of  her on his wall that he downloaded off her Facebook. He says he can feel and absorb her sexual energy. She on the other hand has noticed that lately she no sex drive and has become chronically fatigued sleeping almost anytime she is not at work. Only later when she reviews her text messages does she notice the obvious connection between when he took her energy and when she became ill and lost her sex drive. He was practicing energy vampirism. In a real and loving relationship or even in a professional scenario there would be an equal energy exchange. She would have been compensated. The psychic attack as done by an energy vampire is draining because the victim is never compensated. The perpetrator of this sort of psychic attack will do odd things such as download your images off the internet and print them. He knows you would not send or give him a picture of yourself if he asked. He knows you will not answer his phone calls so he only texts. He begins the pattern of energy vampirism in which you are always on his mind. He gives you to himself bowing at the altar of images of you he has in his bedroom. The victim may notice she is suddenly thinking of him too but not in a good way. If she is aware of her vibrations she will notice that she feels irritated for no apparent reason . Often she will not realize it is the pleasant guy who has a big crush/ obsessive love for her. He seems so gentle and kind. Actually the fact is he is one of the worst kinds. It's entirely unhealthy for him to be so focused on you when he knows you do not want him.
Myths of Sirens, Mermaids and Demons often feature an alluring persistant female who eventually sucks the life force out of the object of her affection. Many women have mastered the art of seduction and mind games in order to control a man, yet psychic attacks and energy vampirism are on whole other level as they can be done from a distance and without any contact.
"The energy system is directly connected to the nervous system. By overloading energy system, physical nervous system can be attacked as well, causing real physical damages. But those are only the strongest types of overload, most of them will just overload the system for few hours, by putting a way too much energy than the system can handle."
"Whenever one person enters into an area where they are attempting to control the thoughts or actions of another person, they are practicing a form of black magic."
There is nothing "loving" or healthy about an obsessive love in which there is no mutual feeling. Some would call it selfish and manipulative. It is simply a love between a dreamer and the dream in their head in which the object of affection becomes an unwilling victim and the conduit of energy to keep the obsessive person energized. Do you really want to use another human as your source of energy ? It is not healthy to want someone who does not want you. This is described as spiritual rape or metaphysical rape. Oh and I should mention that Karma is a bitch so be careful who you drain. Unfortunately you may end up losing a great friend or pushing them over the edge. Its never a good idea to use your energy to overpower another persons will. Eventually their soul will call them back in search of their true destiny.
"Obsessive love is a hypothetical state in which one person feels an overwhelming obsessive desire to possess another person toward whom they feel a strong attraction, with an inability to accept failure or rejection.[1] Although not categorized specifically under any specific mental diagnosis by the DSM V, some people argue that obsessive love is considered to be a mental illness similar to attachment disorder, borderline personality disorder, and erotomania" #Yami#RoseQuartz

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Rose Quartz Boutique : Starting a Legal Marijuana Business in Washington ...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Starting a Legal Marijuana Business in Washington ...: Peace and Blessings from Rose Quartz. It's almost summer.  Let's get right down to business. If you are exited about mari...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Starting a Legal Marijuana Business in Washington ...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Starting a Legal Marijuana Business in Washington ...: Peace and Blessings from Rose Quartz. It's almost summer.  Let's get right down to business. If you are exited about mari...

Starting a Legal Marijuana Business in Washington or Your State

Emily Imani Rose Quartz 

Peace and Blessings from Rose Quartz. It's almost summer.
 Let's get right down to business. If you are exited about marijuana being legal in your state and the opportunity to open a marijuana retail store, here is what you need to know. 

Key Points To Getting On The Track To Success

*You cannot apply for all three licenses.
* If you want to do retail sales you cannot be licensed as a grower and a processor. 
*If you have a license to grow marijuana  you cannot legally engage in retail  sales.
  • You will need to pass a strict criminal background check 
  • You will need to show tax documents and proof that you have successfully ran a retail store for  three years.
  • You need an approved location separate from a residential dwelling to grow and process.
  • You need an approved retail space solely to sell marijuana. You cannot sell marijuana in an existing business.
  • Your location must meet state standards and be located a mandatory distance from schools etc.
  • You need to prove you can cover start up costs. The state will not consider granting you a license unless you have a solid $75-300,000 set aside. You must have your financial statements in order.




 FOR NOW the big winners in Washington's retail pot business are not new entreprenuers,or small business people. The grass roots medical marijuana business that played such  a KEY role in the legalization of weed are being pushed off the scene and replaced by state approved business owners who can handle the increased taxes and demands of the state audits, rules and restrictions ( and who have the finances to pass thru the application process). Washington's system has effectively "weeded" out who can and who cannot legally sell marijuana.

This not a simple turn key business opportunity. The state is in control of every finite aspect. In order to prepare for entering the industry study Initiative 502. Create a five year plan.  Get started by opening up a retail store that does not sell weed so that you can  get your three years retail store ownership underway. Save your money. Seek out and build a great investment team. 

Washington residents can legally grow a few plants in thier homes however it is still illegal for anyone to sell marijuana in Washington state UNLESS they have passed thru the application process and have a license. You can still get weed from a neighborhood dealer. But overall when it comes to marijuana sales the state and it's few selected retail owners ( All of whom were already big players in the business world)  have a corner on the market. Many feel this is the safest way to manage the legalization of marijuana. 

Do You Love THC, CBD, Edibles, Drinks and Cannibas Oil..
Do You Want To Help People ?

Don't give up if this is an interest of yours. Study the laws, network, hustle, and start putting your portfolio goals down on paper. There are a ton of opportunities waiting for you once you become an expert on ANY topic or aspect of the business. Talk to store owners, and your local government. Find out where you can fit in. Keep in  mind new niches will develop so look into inter state and online ventures, marketing, publicity, distribution and other ways to be involved in the marijuana business. 

Washington State is one of two states that have legalized cannabis for recreational use through Initiative 502. Therefore, a newly developed regulatory system is being created to govern this new type of market and legal marijuana in Washington. There are categories developed within the recent draft regulations which identify how each license is issued, taxed, and directly integrated in the supply chain process:

There are three types of marijuana licenses:

  • Marijuana Producer License - Cultivation license used to grow marijuana and sell to a licensed Marijuana Processor Marijuana Retailer.
  • Marijuana Processor License -  A license to create MIP (marijuana-infused products) and sell to a licensed marijuana retailer.
  • Marijuana Retail License - A retail license to sell only useable marijuana, marijuana-infused products, and marijuana paraphernalia in retail outlets to persons twenty-one years of age and older.

*No business may hold all three licenses. A licensee may hold both a producer and a processor license. However, a producer or processor may not also be a retailer. The number of retail licenses will be limited.

Additional category:

  • Financier - This level of involvement indicates any person or entity who has made or will make an investment in the licensed business of more than ten thousand dollars. A "financier" can be someone who provides money as a gift, someone who loans money to the business and expects to be paid back the amount of the loan without interest, or someone who invests money into the business expecting a percentage of the profits, but accepts the risk that there may not be a full return on the investment.

  • Marijuana Producer License Application Fee...............................................$250.00 
  • Marijuana Processor License Application Fee..............................................$250.00
  • Marijuana Retailer License Application Fee..................................................$250.00
  • Marijuana License Excise Tax - 25% of selling price of all products sold
  • Each license has an annual fee for issuance and renewal for $1000.00*

GRC recommends that between $75,000.00 - $350,000.00 in starting capital could be necessary to pay the expenses involved with development of your dispensary business plans, securing site locations, any consulting fees accrued, and paying all state financial requirements to receive a Marijuana Producer, Marijuana Processor, or Marijuana Retailer license. There will be additional costs when applying for more than one of any type of these licenses if selected during the additional random drawing process.

This may or may not include the amount needed to develop either the marijuana cultivation and production site, MIP processing plant, or Marijuana Retail locations. For Marijuana Producers only, it is imperative to have the necessary operations costs covered for up to 2-4 months during initial cultivation cycle after receiving a license to operate.

Relax! There's something for you in the industry even if you don't own a store perhaps you will design packaging or provide a service for a vendor


I hope this information was helpful, thought provoking and in some ways can inspire matter what your goals and dreams are. The not so hidden message is RESEARCH, PLAN, PREPARE...don't worry just start start following your passion, do something everyday towards your goal  and make YOUR way.

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Rose Quartz Boutique : Help For Depression

Rose Quartz Boutique : Help For Depression: Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz Depression is a tough topic but overdue.   This information is based on my work in alternative...

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Rose Quartz Boutique : Sex Aint Better Than Love: A Blog Devoted to Deepl...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Sex Aint Better Than Love: A Blog Devoted to Deepl...: Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz Have You Been Craving Deepness?  Let's Explore Love Together   Who remembers ...

Sex Aint Better Than Love: A Blog Devoted to Deeply Exploring Love

Peace and Blessings From Rose Quartz
Have You Been Craving Deepness?
 Let's Explore Love Together 

 Who remembers those candy and cookie filled parties in elementary school when you had to pass out and receive adorable little Valentines Day cards from everybody in your class ? Let's be serious, those may have been the best V-day memories for some of us.

As we grow older our expectations around Valentines Day may have changed. There are no classroom rules or teachers to make sure everyone gets the same amount of goodies. The holiday can become either a burden or blessing depending on ones relationship status and whether one is in a romantic relationship or just a situation-ship that is struggling to stay afloat.

I do not fully celebrate Valentines day due to cultural reasons yet I can't help but smile when I see the happiness shared by couples who do. I wouldn't mind spending a day devoted to romance, roses, candles and chocolates. Actually I'm willing to do that just about any day out of the week. As a matter of fact I do tend to celebrate love on a daily basis. Love is a motivation to me even if I'm not always sure how to comprehend romantic love.  It seems to mean something different to everyone. For some love is possession and power. For others it is peace and pleasure or.. all of the above. What does love mean to you?  For me love is joy, safety, comfort, and security.

 Maybe love is whatever a person needs the most, to fill in the cracks and crevices, but at the center of love is acceptance and growth. This means I can love alot of people and receive alot of love from people as well as giving and receiving love from nature (God) and the universe (God) and myself (God).  Therefore even if I am single I am still part of an abundant cycle of endless love.

But what about falling IN LOVE? 
What about being one half of a "couple"?  That unique love between two people that involves physical attraction, sex, commitment, dedication, sacrifice, soul bearing nakedness, desire and forgiveness. Some say there is fine line between love and hate. Perhaps because when we are in love we put our hearts on the line, knowing good and well the results could be heart breaking and shatter our ability to trust in the future.

Why does love end..? 
In my experience too many unacceptable offenses against a persons heart will eventually block the flow of love. At the bottom of the well  of love is freedom. When everything else is gone the final gift of love is giving someone the freedom to leave.

 When that well of love is full it is because both partners continually pour into it  all their dreams, fears, hopes and passions, as well as their erotic and sexual expressions.  When two people fall in love they create for themselves a special place to dwell. They create out of love..their own little world  from which their light of love glows bravely out into the greater world.

When we are together it's like no ones here but us

Protect Me, I will protect you

In a political and cultural sense we need love. We need couples, we need families. We need men who are not afraid to announce their love to the world and women who are not afraid to receive this love with enthusiasm. If you are in love I hope you LOVE IT and are not ashamed to IN JOY it. To experience and embody  love is an act of courage, especially if your community is under attack. Finding someone to love is a beautiful counter attack against the ills of this world. To hide love is like taking the color and scent from a flower. Love empowers all. When love is fully realized it demands to be recognized.

No matter what we endure under it's spell, love transforms us. God (or the creator) or whatever you call the universal force that makes this life  possible.. God is LOVE. It is a beautiful thing when we find another human be-ing to walk with us in a Godly image of love and forgiveness. Unlike friends and associates who shine with us for a while, a true love is determined to add their light to yours for ever.

Creating a calm and sensuous vibration as a couple is extremely powerful in strengthening your world. Even the kids in your community will benefit from the energetic influence/balance of peaceful couples walking hand in hand.

Ma'at is Balance. Two people who are equally in love can personify the universal laws of Ma'at if they choose to. 

There is so much more to say, but  for today I will end  by suggesting: when it comes to love let's go ahead and celebrate it. Every relationship you have gives you a chance to experience just how deeply YOU can give and receive love. Manipulation, secrets and lies push love to go look for a new home. That is the nature of love. The never ending story. The smile in your lovers eyes. The way we come alive when we are in love. The way we die when it's over. And how love rises again. Love never stops seeking acceptance IN US . We are the never ending story. IN LOVE

Thanks For Joining Me Today! Share Your Thoughts with Someone Special!
And Remember once you have made your point, 
Silence is Golden When It Is Time to Listen

"Be a Vessel For Love"

Emily Imani Yaminita Rose Quartz,
 Rose Quartz Counseling and Consulting
Alternative Healing, Energy Work , Guided Meditation, IdeoKinesis, Dance &Movement Therapies

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Rose Quartz Boutique : Sex, Spirituality and Divinity: How Do Women Orga...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Sex, Spirituality and Divinity: How Do Women Orga...: Peace and Blessings    If 2016 has a motto it should be "Let's Just Jump Right In the Deep End!"  At least that i...

Sex and Spirituality: How Do Women Orgasm From Visual Stimuli or Sound ?

Peace and Blessings  

 If 2016 has a motto it should be "Let's Just Jump Right In the Deep End!"

 At least that is my motto  here at Rose Quartz Boutique. Let's be honest, we have been a polite, repressed society for a while now, especially when it comes to talking openly with each other about human sexuality.  Sexuality is a key part of spirituality.We are not different than any other form of Stardust ( minerals) and or vibrations ( molecules) of the Universe. Yet human life has slowed the speed of our energy into a density that allows for sexual pleasure between consenting partners. We can bump, grind, kiss, caress, cuddle and feel each other physically. 

The Gates of Heaven  opened and Some how We All fell into Place

 Born thru our mothers womb and of our fathers seed we have nothing to be ashamed of. Shame is taught thru religion and families and is the leading cause of adult perversion. But I really do not want to dirty this blog up by going into the issues of adult perverts and why they act out sexually towards the wrong people or why they associate sex with power, pain, humiliation, secretiveness and control.

Just please keep in mind, my topic is for adults interested in healthy sexuality with other adults. Period! Sex ( making love) is about becoming one with another and transmuting our separateness, all the while experiencing the sensations of our bodies touching.  It is a naturally explosive phenomenon  that is taken a bit too casually in a society that misunderstands the spiritual nature of sex. Instead we have come to see sex as recreation, in which any "body" is replaceable by another body. 

The first step in knowing sex as Divine is to know your self. No one can teach you who you are, but it is good to talk and learn from others about who they are. The real work of self-knowledge is going to be your own work of art or it will simply be a projection of some one else's belief system. Our society offers many feel good solutions to help you duck, dodge and subdue your true inter-personal journey. 

Many  people will gladly hand over the cash to have their mind "changed" so to speak. But drugs and professionally provided diversions have a shelf life and price. No matter what..your demons and issue will continue to "raise hell" when ever your clarity resurfaces. Sooner or latter you will tire of paying for the snake oil. You will actually be exited to love and accept your self and every hellish bit of your life experience. It is called transcendence. Or as they used to say "You have to go thru it to get to it".  The spiritual path is one of you and the Divine within you. Once awoken you will connect easily to the divine in others, even people who have not found their own at least will bare witness to it for them.

 The Journey Into Self Knowledge involves forgiveness and learning how to carefully work thru emotions such as shame, betrayal and rejection and find the gem within each situation.
Once this process is complete or even when you are midway thru your courageous effort, you will discover more and more about the spiritual truth of sexuality. 

The brain is the biggest and best sex organ. The mind is said to be separate from the brain and to house the divine. 
While no one can prove this or clarify exactly where the mind is...we do know this: that women can orgasm from visual stimulation and sound. Certain combinations of tone ( i.e. sound in the form of music) can create deep orgasmic pleasure wave after wave!  A woman who feels strong enough to access her deep emotional  "basement" can experience a touch less orgasm simply by  giving in to her ability to feel deeply. Going deep enough allows her to arrive at the other side of emotional pain and into deep ecstasy.

 For years it was believed via the oppressive Western cultures that women could not or should not freely experience orgasm. Women were mentally repressed and that leads to the physical repression of pleasure. A nervous system that is under duress can not  send the proper signals from the body to the brain. To make matters worse being told that pleasure is wrong or having experienced sexual abuse only causes more mixed signals and bad wiring. Keep in "mind" that the nervous system branches from the spine upwards from the sacrum to cranium. 

The more you know about Kundalini Energy the more this will be clear to you: Pleasure is mental and physical. To put it simply..sexuality and spirituality are dualities. Together sexuality and spirituality easily merge the mental with the physical.  As we  know from alternative medicine, it is true that our thoughts affect the body when it comes to health and healing. 

How do you think a woman can orgasm from listening to certain music ?  Music is sound. Sound is tone. Tones are vibrations. Vibrations are energy. Emotions are energy. We are energy. Similarly the right visual stimuli can effect a woman's body beyond her control. Generally for a woman this will not be from looking at a picture but  the affect of observing a real man doing real things. But the key for her pleasure will be her open mind and ability to tap into the depth of her response.

  Remember that many ( the majority) of women are not at one with themselves (body , mind and spirit). It is not always the well studied woman who is...sometimes what it is most important is that the woman is a free spirit who allows all her emotions  to have a home within her soul . Pleasure and pain are divided by a thin line. A woman who owns the discomfort of her emotional pain can tap into the deepest pleasure. Some of you may have experienced a woman suddenly crying emotional tears during intense sex, then burst into laughter. What about tears of joy ?  I just want to remind you that when we arrive at our deepest level no emotion is bad. The essence of pleasure is feeling.

When (or if)  a woman discovers for herself that sound or visual stimuli can cause her to orgasm, these occurrences it will  be rare and spontaneous. This is  not something she can force or plan. 

Side note: Adding a loving man and his energy to the mix of her potency
WILL create a long lasting elixer of love to sustain both of them

Thanks For Joining Me as we
Explored this Amazing topic of female sexuality.
-Rose Quartz Counseling and Consulting