Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spring Flowers and Emotional Gifts: What Are You Getting Today!

Peace it's a new blog from Rose Quartz
 Deep inside all of us is a voice that tells us that we were born for a reason. 

If we  actively engage in something positive (this could be as simple as actively engaging in our own lives, our loves,our gardens, our art or our musical creations)  we can create a huge shift. You don't have to get a grant or start a "non" profit organization. Feel free to release down your dreams of being a spiritual guru with a huge following! More than likely those sort of  dreams are actually our ego's  desire to be needed and admired by people whom we perceive to be even more vulnerable than ourselves.

So here is a new way of thinking. No one needs your help. God made us all. However the overall vibration of the world most definitely needs an uplift. This can even start with what food you put in your body! 

Creating community is important . If you take a look around you will see  that many  physical communities have been disrupted and carefully dispersed. We are told instead to join online communities. However the essence of community is in the air we breathe together, the food we share and the protection we offer to each other. Community does not require phones or Internet for connections.   In order to re-establish a desire for community we must try to be ethical people because communities can only grow with respect and trust for each other. 

Here is a list of Emotional Gifts we can give each other. The only advice I have is that it's  important  to give emotional gifts in person and in the present moment. Sure you can offer emotional gifts and tokens via social media, text or email..but all those formats toggle the reality of  The Present Moment. Social media can drag a present moment into days or weeks , a text  is read at variable times with unknown distractions just like an email.

Emotional Gifts To Give Others In The Moment :
Risk Taking
Eye Contact

and last but not least, Peace!

Emily Imani  Rose Quartz

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rose Quartz Boutique : Black History, How Far Black Can You Go, Dravidia...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Black History, How Far Black Can You Go, Dravidia...: Celebrate World History and share with your children. We must not feel isolated or wonder why we connect to so many spiritual pract...

Black History, How Far Black Can You Go, Dravidian Language Roots and The Indus Valley Civilization by Rose Quartz

Celebrate World History and share with your children. We must not feel isolated or wonder why we connect to so many spiritual practises. We are children of the Sun, artists and earth angels. Nag Champa people, Soul people.  Remember to make soul music,  remember to eat soul food. Not what they told you or "sold" you, but what  is REALLY  good for your soul grown from the earth mother. Trust in the divine.  Celebrate with love, a history that goes further back than the light of the Sun. Into perfect darkness. We are One.

Indus Valley Civilization "The Cradle of Civilization"
By Emily Imani Yamenita

Happy Black History Month

Our Ancient societies revered the Goddess.  Woman was respected not only for her ability to give life, but her ability to think and act for the better good of her world.  If you seek into yourself you will remember and understand. 

Crowned Chakra, Goddess Body ancient art from the Indus Valley

 "As is Above So is Below" in the femiNINEbody gives both peace and wisdom-
 Yamenita Emily Imani Rose Quartz

What does the broken nose represent to attentive scholars of archeology ? 

 Thru out time maps were drawn and  history was written with the blood of the original peoples.       Yet We stand fully grounded  because our DNA speaks to us from deep within. Despite noses being knocked off statues,  and floods distorting what once was.. despite wars being used as the perfect opportunity to loot museums... the mysteries of  history refuse to sleep. 

Early peoples in all four regions were African

It is increasingly difficult to source out information that clearly stated the Indus Valley was an African civilization. It seems the obvious can quickly be distorted and hidden primarily because the study of the migration of mankind is cloaked in a variety of conflicting details. Modern humans tend to look at the features and skin color of land mass inhabitants of the past two thousand years and choose to disregard basic facts sourced from earlier time periods. However ...lets us take a look at the source of the Dravidian Language.....

Dravidian language is reformed primitive African Language, the words can be traced in Cameroon. Perhaps Homo Sepians had developed communication skill into language, “Cameroonians speak Dravidian language” (Youtube).
.“Lost Feather - Black Chinese - The first Shang Dynasty was the Shang-Li (Black Shang) it was ruled by the LI-Qiang “Black Qiang” founded by Dravidian and Manding speakers”. Black Chinese Dynasties – A recent International study carried out by Shanghai scientist and International academics has confirmed that the Chinese did not originate from  a Peking man in northern China, but from Black east Afrikan who migrated through South Asia to China some 100000 thousand years ago”.

There are the four ancient civilizations. Stumble back 50,000 years or more to get a grasp on what we speak. Each was Black and was either in or  migrated out of Africa populated by melanin rich people. Use whatever word you choose, because I am not here to argue the truth.                              For a deeper study into our ancient world history and first people's, a great start is the Sans people of South Africa. 

 -Emily Imani Rose Quartz

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Why Women Pursue Relationships When They Really Just Want A Man By Rose Quartz

Emily Imani Rose Quartz

This blog covers the relationship bloopers females make & the psycho-social reasons behind the blunders. Is it time for women to grow up ? 

Often there are less well meaning men who just want sex or attention that we allow to sit on the back burner in case our man is not giving us enough attention. Those other guys can make you not appreciate the one who really loves you. All that extra energy is disruptive . You have to turn all the back burners off. The internet and cell phones make it so we can have people lingering around without directly contacting them. It's so slight it's hard to accept that these  extra guys may cause problems. This is a mental thing. The real issue is not that these other men are on your fb page or stored in your contacts; The issue is that you have a certain mental awareness of them that you rather not put into words because of what they represent.

You must do a deep self evaluation. If your man is loyal, listens, invests his energy in your future and shares from his heart then you have a winner. If he does not do those things naturally, then he does not have those feelings for you. Why do women love a challenge so much?  Women are constantly in competition with other women. For many this starts with a mom or sister and gets worse until it becomes a subconscious way of being. From thirty-two inch long hair weaves, to trying to "out-man" a man..women feel pressure at all times to prove something. We pick all kinds of crazy ways to prove we are worthy of the most elusive non-existent love.

The end result is alot of  unpaid actresses looking real, yet  acting nothing like themselves, to the point they don't even know why they are doing it.

 Men and boys on the other hand tend to compartmentalize their competitive instincts into more logical categories such as income, sports, cars and being able to protect themselves.

Girls are socialized to compete with beauty, sex and popularity. By the time a young woman is 18 she may be a total actress in her desire to fulfill the demands the world puts on her.   Sex is a means to an end, whether it's a new baby or proving how amazing she is to a man.

 If it's popular to have a selfish attitude about sex, then a young lady will adopt that attitude. Is she seeking pleasure or feeling sensual ? Not likely. Only thru self acceptance does a woman become sensual and open to pleasure combined with deep love. It's not a child's game, but being promiscuous is. Promiscuity is the sexual form of popularity.

Somehow social media  has become a major motivator for having a man and even for having a baby due to the  attention and affirmations.  In the end alot of females want a man for a variety of reasons, primarily self-serving. Yes.  I know. And that is something we need to be honest about because a relationship is not about wanting a man, but  about being ready to love and care for another human even when it means sacrificing your happiness and your needs.

 Women's brains go spirituality haywire when in lust and women get all types of soul mate vibes , but it boils down to lust and wanting to own or control a certain man. Wanting a man is not the same as wanting a relationship. You can always have that man if you try hard enough. Choosing a partner for a relationship is a different thing.

 Keep in mind that a man who really loves you, doesn't love you for your looks, your sexual acrobatics or your brains. He loves you for the whole of you and a million other aspects of your essence that you probably are not even aware of.

 Too often we still want to be recognized for the fake shit a man could care less about. We fight our mans love when it isn't perfectly catered to our theatrics and drama.  The other huge blooper is that women do not like to explore why they want a certain man. Some women are only attracted to men who are not single. Some women are only turned on by men who seem hard to get. Even if you choose the "perfect" mate for yourself..you still must ask these questions:

If you took away the shared interests, money, sex and good looks and were left with just the person standing there naked with all his extra flaws..Do you still want  to be in a relationship him? Or did you just want that man in order to have him ?

 What if he was not popular or employed ? Would you still love him ?  Once we "catch" the guy we chased..we are left with a real human who is not so perfect or glamorous as we imagined. 

The problem is not  that women look for the wrong type of man.. The problem is that most women are looking for a man, not a relationship. We want someone to make us feel good 24/7,  to take pics with and post on social media. Someone to boost our ego and send good morning texts. Females beg for a relationship when they really just want a man and if they could program that man like a sex doll to do all the right things they would.

 We forget that being in a relationship is about realizing that you care for another human. Who you choose should be  a support system and an equal investor.

You want that man to have a big heart and treat you with reliable consistency and to uplift you..he could be older, younger..from a different country or perhaps have a handicap or disability. But when you look in his eyes you feel a softness in your heart, because you bring peace to his life and he brings peace to yours. 

It's never to late to re-evaluate your inner funk and make updates. If you keep doing the same thing with different partners it's only natural you will see the same results.

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