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Culture Vultures or is Imitation the Best Form of Flattery ?

Exploring Cultural Appropriation  By Emily Imani Rose Quartz Yamineta

Peace Beautiful People, this has been hot topic with Marc Jacobs recently introducing his white models in a traditional African hairstyle called Bantu Knots.
For many it was an awkward moment when he gave the style a new name and failed to refer to his style source..the deep regions of Black Africa.

 We were already used to white people wearing African braid styles and locks. In the 1980's  the white   model, Bo Dereck, gained fame with a photo shoot rocking a sexy a headfull of individual braids and beads. Since that time "hip" white people ( hipster is their word, not mine) have been showing their openness to ethnic styles with dreadlocks and cornrows. Black Hairstylists have frequently charged white women up to three times a normal price to deal with braiding their hair. White hair is  different and it is actually not the best for the African styles that work so well for springy, dense, soft, tight, spiralling curls. Quite a few Black stylists simply state they dont have time or the "energy" to do African styles on white hair. I know this topic may instantly offend some and can lead to the ongoing debate:
 Is it cultural appropriation or appreciation? Is it wrong to even care..after all hairstyles do not really belong to any one group ? Or do they ? 

Considering the ongoing colonization and  the endless economic rape of Africa's is a bit "uncomfortable" to have those who have defaced our natural image with horrible stereotypes run to Africa for fashion design ideas ..perhaps it is a bit odd that these same people who called us monkeys and savages are wearing African styles and worse giving the traditional styles new names?   It is offensive for some, as this is  a time, when racism is a worldwide issue that has yet to be resolved, despite the deep enjoyment of Black Culture and arts.

Another hot topic in Culture Vultures is Rap and Hip Hop Music. Even as America has been called out by international organizations for it's systematic racism and failure to treat Black People with human rights..there is quite a large new generation of young white men..not only rapping but seeming to imitate Black Men at least on stage.
I recently attended an open mic and was quite suprised at the young white guys with "hipster" beards, dressed in co-opted styles performing thier best attempts at hip hop. What really struck me was the schizoid adaptation of cliched mannerisms and movement.

 One thought that came to mind was.... " Is it art..when Art imitates Art ?" and are they really being genuine people ?  For lack of any other clarity they appeared to be faking a cultural background. Acting out a fantasy yet they were transparently sincere in their belief that they  were clever artists. Or so it seemed.
The whole event left me with a odd feeling. What happened to realness? Are these white boys ( mentally)Okay ?  Some say imitation is the finest form of flattery. Yet I didn't feel  flattered. In truth real Black Men are often victims of police brutality, discrimination, gang violence and every built in form of systematic racism known. Being a real Black Man in todays society is not an act or set of mannerisms. I would also like to know what these white boys were failing to offer. By offering a pre-digested image of Black Bravado they failed to share an authentic self or artform. Perhaps if racism was not such a deadly issue today it would have been easier to see these nice white boys who love hip hop in a better light. I agree this is a touchy subject bound to offend some.

Many people just want to move forward and enjoy all the fruits of cultures from around the world. Some say to call others culture vultures is mean spirited. After all it is a free world.  Art is open to interpetation and I whole heartedly agree.

 Yet as we study our African roots from our hairstyles and their meanings, to  our traditional linguaistic musical styles that combine speech with a drum beat ( Griot traditon)..we must GIVE MAMA AFRICA CREDIT and claim our legacy, though we are often shamed or worse labeled racist when we do.

 All to often Africa's contributions have become "stolen legacies".  Please take a deep moment to consider the feelings of those who struggle against racism everyday. For us a hairstyle may speak in whispers of ancestoral wisdom and the comfort of having an older female hold us safely between her legs as she perfectly parted our hair and prepared us to feel soo pretty..for us rap and hip hop may be the only talking drum we KNOW that follows our heartbeat, pumping blood into our stories, our pain and our victory. Is that really something we  share ? Is that really something others should imitate or take. Perhaps could they find another way to appreciate the gifts of culture, and maybe even share some of their culture in a positive way?

I am also curious about what these white guy rappers were hiding about themselves as they flung their arms and knee bounced on stage.   I leave with more questions than answers, yet I have one more request... that we all remain in search of our authentic selves and take time respect others..peace

Emily Imani


Friday, August 7, 2015

Letting Go of A Loss: The Beauty of Moving On and Listening To Your Ancestors

Hello Beautiful People
 Today I want to talk about the beauty of letting go of a loss. I guess for me the first step is to recognize a loss. Even when it is large ugly and staring one in the face, It's easy for a beautiful spirit to fail to see a loss for what it is.

That is simply because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and may not be in the object seen. This is why it is important to listen to your body where emotional information is stored on a cellullar level. You will feel a painful loss in your gut. If it has to do with romance and love you may feel it in your heart too. If you are carrying too much for other people ( other peoples burdens etc.) you will notice that shoulder pain again or other discomfort on the left side of your body. If you are giving too much without getting anything back, you may notice muscle pain, tooth pain etc. on the right side of your body. Our bodites are always speaking to us. Disgestive issues and sexual dis-function speak volumes about how we are flowing  and releasing ( or not). Now we can see why stress is the number one killer: because our emotional pain affects our physical body and leads to disease.

Another way to recognize a loss is to:
VISUALIZE you are sitting with your ancestors, perhaps a gathering of wise great great grandpas and uncles or great great grammas and aunties. Allow your spirit to sit in the  calm warmth of  the bloodline that led to YOUR BEING. From their place in "heaven" what do they see ? How does what you are allowing your self to go thru look to your ancestors ? This is a quick way to determine a loss. Your inner voice now has the volume to be heard much more clearly.  You can see how a certain situation is affecting you from the outside and from the inside of your soul.

It will now be impossible to deny  that a certain situation IS A LOSS and is not working for your better good. Often we when we experience a loss we hold on by trying to rectify the situation. But the loss has already occured, so unfortunately at this point we are now  just "holding on to a loss". 

 Let it go. Let it flow.

  As they say,  money comes and goes but the lessons we learn are priceless, so forgive yourself of a bad investment and move on. A better lover is never faraway, so simply let go of those who refuse to hold your heart or happiness in thier hands. It is quite likely their hands are not big enough or already full of their own issues. If someone is not enhancing your happiness or adding to your self-love,  your energy level will take a a big loss by "being there" for someone who is not there.

This process is just a first step. Don't be mad if  you loved as hard as you could. Now you have another reason to be even more in love with yourself and your powers. Maybe you were talked into a bad buisiness move or supported someone who later talked down about you or stole from you.. ? Filled with resentment you hold onto to your losses. Just let go.

 The peace you invite into your life will draw more opportunities your way. You are a magnet of PEACE when you are peace. Just release. Perhaps your old lover will decide to change their prioroties  instead of losing you ?  And perhaps you will no longer give a shit.

Emily Imani Yamineta Rose Quartz
 Thanks For Joining Me Today. Remember the wise words of an Elder when your heart hurts!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rose Quartz Boutique : Strong and Submissive: Exploring Sexual Submission...

Rose Quartz Boutique : Strong and Submissive: Exploring Sexual Submission...:            This article is not about professional BDSM or people who engage in multiple reationships with submissive women.  ...

Strong and Submissive: Exploring Sexual Submission In A Modern Relationship

A submissive woman may be the most demanding of all women. This blog is not about professional BDSM or the sort of sexual submission that leaves bruises and welts. Indeed when it comes to submission there are many levels and styles to it. The levels are not necessarily dependent on the type of submission but on the internal depth of the relationship  between the partners. I am going to briefly discuss the realities of a submissive woman in a relationship with her dominant partner. Not a professional relationship, but a regular relationship ( i.e. marriage) in which outsiders may not know they are in the presence of a sub/dom couple ( submissive woman/dominant male).
 I am  not going to discuss the question of  being a submissive in relationship where the woman submits to her man per say, Muslim Cultures or even the Christian Belief. Actually, I am going to stumble a bit deeper down the rabbit hole into sexual submission. 

 You see some woman are sexual submissives and really get turned on by having the level of trust with their partner that is required to submit. In this case keep in mind A submissive woman is not a lady with low self -esteem. In order to submit she requires a man who she respects and TRUSTS in a way that is abnormal for most couples. She will not submit to any man she does love with all her heart. When such a woman finds a playful dom she is going to be in heaven! Finally she can release an aspect of her inner nature that many men simply cannot handle without taking advantage.

A Submissive woman may like: To be fed, bondage,

 stroked like a kitten, told what to do, be in submissive positions, cook, clean, be caressed when she does something well, she may like strokes or touches ( pressure) on her neck, pain combined with pleasure, boundary pushing, she enjoys relinquishing ( giving ) control to the man of her dreams

she likes to be rewarded, likes to feel "owned" and expects to be cared for,

she may put her sexual needs last because that is what turns her on so indeed, she is REALLY putting her sexual needs where they need to be.. for her pleasure to peak. She requires intellectual stimulation and mutual admiration.  Without MUTUAL deep respect, trust and communication this type of woman will never be free to be submissive.

 A good dominant man understands his woman, and has chosen to master what is required of him in order to maintain balance in the relationship in which the woman is a sexual submissive. He must be up for the ultimate responsibility of caring for her emotional well being  in the relationship. If a submissive woman is being abused or misused  she is NOT in the right relationship. 

Strong submissive woman say that submission is not servitude. They are not feeble or weak and they are quite sexy as they are content. She should be confident as she functions in the outer world. Some men take advantage of such situations. Or are not comfortable with the responsibility to be a dominant male. COMMUNICATION, loyality and more communication are definately needed! Some men would rather be submissive themselves in the bedroom and that is alright too. Most men are traditional lovers whose aim to please will unfortunately miss the mark with a submissive woman due to her particulatities. They may not be able to relate to how a submissive woman feels. Most men  believe in an equal approach to sex and would not want to have a submissive woman on her knees with her hands bound. I dont think a woman can just decide "I want to be submissive" is the way she chooses to experience herself sexually. Is submission a fetish ? Being sexually submissive certainly does not turn alot of women on! A submissive woman may experience great pleasure from a loving caress of appreciation for  her total submission. Another woman might be pissed the hell off if a caress is all she got after giving her man the bj of his life.

She Submits Because He has earned her submission.
 She will often have a driven, successful man.

Strong and Submissive..? Where they do that at ?  Yet
we are notoriously submissive to the wrong men, and often our submission is financial or putting up with an unfaithful man. That's No fun! If you  you have a submissive nature you can use your strength to connect with a loyal strong man whom you can submit to out of respect and desire ( and keep your finances). 
She enjoys preparing and waiting,. Unlike other women she KNOWS her MAN is coming 
so even in the suffering of waiting she is
calm and anticipating. A Good dominant  Man 
 does not let his sub down. If he does he will more than make up for it in order to restore the relationships power dynamic. Remember it is SHE who has GIVEN him the POWER!

If he  or she "messes" up there will be problems, yet this type of couple is motivated to get things back on track...the sex is too good and too hard to duplicate with another partner!  Fighting  or bickering is extra disruptive as it is out of alighnment with their  core sexual /ethical agreement to respect  eachothers limits. This couple is rare perhaps because to be a true  sexual dominant or submissive is a fetish? At any rate once they find eachother,  they both  value what they have found. Discipline must be mastered, from both partners. Yet is it discipline or simply a dedication to each others deepest desires? I dont have answers, but I do believe 
In Ma'at
and Love

Emily Imani Rose Quartz Yamineta

Thanks For Joining Me with Positive Explorations and Inquiries

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Rose Quartz Boutique : There's Just Something (Sexy) About A Cowboy! Th...

Rose Quartz Boutique : There's Just Something (Sexy) About A Cowboy! Th...:   Rose Quartz At Umoja Festival with Reps From The Buffalo Soldiers Club at The Umoja Festival Beautiful Pic of The Men Of...

There's Just Something (Sexy) About A Cowboy! The Historic Black Buffalo Soldeirs


Rose Quartz At Umoja Festival with Reps From The Buffalo Soldiers Club

Beautiful Pic of The Men Of The Buffalo Soldiers

Rose Quartz Likes A Man In Uniform ( Sometimes)

Vintage Pic Of The Buffalo Soldiers


Buffalo Soldier

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This article is about the U.S. Army regiment. For the Bob Marley song, see Buffalo Soldier (song). For other uses, see Buffalo Soldier (disambiguation).
Buffalo Soldiers
Buffalo soldiers1.jpg
Buffalo Soldiers of the 25th Infantry Regiment in 1890
Country United States of America
BranchSeal of the United States Department of War.png United States Army
Nickname(s)"Buffalo Soldiers"
EngagementsAmerican Indian Wars
Spanish–American War
Philippine–American War
Border War
World War I
World War II
Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army, formed on September 21, 1866 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. This nickname was given to the "Negro Cavalry" by the Native American tribes they fought; the term eventually became synonymous with all of the African-American regiments formed in 1866:
Although several African-American regiments were raised during the Civil War as part of the Union Army (including the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and the many United States Colored Troops Regiments), the "Buffalo Soldiers" were established by Congress as the first peacetime all-black regiments in the regular U.S. Army.[1] On September 6, 2005, Mark Matthews, who was the oldest living Buffalo Soldier, died at the age of 111. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.[2]

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